Nine Million and counting….

Nine Million and counting….

Cycling Popularity in the UK

Following a recent report by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. (SMS Inc.), almost 9 million of us Brits have taken to pedal power. According to this exciting research, 17% of us are cycling, on average, 50 times a year with a fifth of those, at least once per week.

Now, if we have indeed done our math correctly here, that means cycling is currently the UK’s 3rd most popular sport, just behind running and swimming. Statistics show, if this rapid growth continues, it could well reach the top spot! Here’s hoping…

Interestingly, road cycling makes up 80% of the form of this sport, the most common reason being for recreational purposes.

Considering these fascinating figures, we say it’s time to hit those pedals and enjoy the many benefits of a cycling holiday!

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