If landscapes were designed specifically for cyclists, they would probably look a lot like France. Rolling hills, winding rivers, vast open plains and a network of quiet cycle tracks, ‘Green Ways’; it’s little wonder France is one of the most popular family cycling destination in the world. Planned with a natural penchant for detail; we offer a number of stunning French tours, each accompanied by boat or hotel stays and varied in exactly what they have to offer.

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Family cycling holidays in France almost always entails a pedal through one of its vineyards. In fairness, they’re rather hard to miss in a country that produces between 7-8 billion bottles of wine a year! Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the French countryside and get close to nature on our unique family adventure, the Burgundy Outdoor Experience. Alternatively, navigate the Burgundy canal along the quiet network of tracks called the ‘Green Ways’ on our Burgundy Canal tour.

We’re very happy to offer you both guided and self-guided cycling holidays in various areas of France. All tours include bicycle hire, maps and accommodation bookings, as well as transportation of luggage in between stays. With or without a tour guide, we’re always just a phone call away for any help or assistance you may require. So whether you’re out for the scenery, the wine or the sites, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with all that France has to offer. And as they say in beautiful country itself, bon voyage mon amis!