It’s hard to pinpoint one thing alone that most represents Italy’s fabulous culture. It could be the coffee, wine, food or the lifestyle – but that’s a list built before even considering its magical landscape and monumental history. If we chose its history as a logical starting point, a family cycling holiday in Italy will almost certainly lead you to one, if not many, of its UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES (well, they do have more than any other country in the world – a staggering 47 in total!). Whether it’s the stunning Palladian villas of the Veneto, or the unique city centre of striking Siena; our Italian family cycling tours have been carefully crafted to offer as many historical stop offs as possible. It’s not all about history now though is it; add to that the countless varieties of inspiring sceneries, world-famous cycle routes and the birth places of delicacies enjoyed all over the world (pizza, pasta, gelato!), and you’ll soon realise just why we (and so many others) are madly in love with this beautiful country.

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Family cycling holidays in Italy are a wonderful alternative to the traditional vacation of the past. Not only is the opportunity to experience more of the country afforded, but also, cycling (as most of you will know) is hugely rewarding. Skirt along coastlines, through vineyards and towns, pedal up mountains or down gentle hillside descents; we offer an array of exciting routes, designed for various levels of experience and catered to your many contrasting requirements. One thing about cycling holidays is they’re completely non-discriminate; some people like cycling alone, some with friends, some as a family and some with strangers. Knowing this, we propose to you a number of touring options: guided, self-guided, tailor-made, bike and boat or bike and hotel. Whichever option you choose, all Italian tours include maps and accommodation bookings, as well as transportation of luggage in between stays.

In the words of composer Giuseppe Verdi, ‘You may have the universe if I may have Italy’. Ciao!